Street Food

As a professional Chef and Navy Seal, Chef Dave has always incorporated his worldly food experiences to create his own take on street food, eventually cultivating the idea for a mobile kitchen to serve food with his own flair. Not your average street food, Chef Dave uses his creativity, culinary training, and extensive knowledge of flavor, ingredients and world travel to bring a “gourmet” touch. Created and served through the window of his own self contained cooking apparatus, Chef Dave will excite any pallet with Mac and Cheese on a Stick to BBQ Spare Ribs, Angus Beef Sliders and Grilled Tofu. The chef creates specials to keep the experience interesting and something new for the customer to enjoy. Besides catching Dave de Jour Street Food Truck at local spots, we can provide the same exciting experience for a private party or event. Read more info about Dave de Jour Street Food >

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My site essentially has been in development my whole life. We are fortunate now to have the means of the Internet as a forum for expression and exchange of ideas and information. My desire in creating this site is to not only convey the fundamental information about my self and my craft, but to link the culture of food and the world together.

By highlighting the ritual aspects of food, hospitality and food as a means of bonding and a source of adventure, I hope to entertain, educate and excite the visitor. Please read my bio for my basic information and the services page for what I offer. I am in the process of developing a food show, please view my trailer. Visit my blog for everything from abalone to zungenwurst and restaurant reviews to people of interest, from chefs and celebrities to everyday people doing great things. Please forward your thoughts and comments, I can take it!
Food Trailer Show

The Chef Dave Show is a work in progress. Developed from the experiences of a Navy Seal and then a Chef, the idea is to combine the two into a cooking show that encompasses food, personality, travel, adventure, product testing and evaluation. Please view the trailer and look for updates. Any interest or questions, please contact. “I’m just a cook!”