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Dave de Jour Street Food Hits the Road

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
First Customer

First Customer

Chef Dave launched his “Dave de Jour Street Food” truck on the 4th of July weekend in North San Diego County- great response from all customers – peopled are just “wowed” and blown away by his food — locals say “this is just what we need”. Needless to say, Dave de Jour is a hit. Some of the first customers- a few English gents, a guy fresh off the plane from Tasmania (he really looked like the Tasmanian devil)- and a body guard (Mini Me’s bodyguard), were just besides themselves. Dave’s Mac n Cheese on a stick, Angus Beef Sliders and BBQ Ribs w/ Chef Dave’s BBQ Sauce were a few of the favs.

Thanks to my friends who came out to support Dave and start the first “Dave de Jour” Street team- thanks for your enthusiasm and helping to “rally” the customers. I am most appreciative and very thankful for you guys.

Opening Nite

Opening Nite

For my friends and family in Texas- included, what can I say, other than, wish you were here-and are missing out :) But wanted to include you in the good news. You can always come out and taste for yourself.

The pics were taken with my iPhone, so quality is not the best.



Abalone to zungenwust a former Navy SEAL and adventure minded father

Friday, November 14th, 2008

My blog will cover restaurant reviews as well as quality of ingredients. A test and evaluation of chefs and kitchen utensils, equipment, food events sophisticated or simple, including prison food, Navy food and gourmet food.

I will be interviewing chefs, as well as waiters, sommeliers and bartenders to see what they really think about food, libations, food trends and the customers they serve. I will cover ethnic food to BBQ and every day people the food they eat and why. I’ve been experiencing food in the San Diego area for over 30 years. Crewed as a chef on a motor Sailor to Mexico, as well as worked as a Private Chef, for high profile celebrities and low profile billionaires. I have worked in high-end restaurants in San Francisco, even had my own restaurant in Costa Rica. That said, and to be perfectly honest, I?ve not been thrilled with the food scene in the San Diego area. However, friends and other chefs have convinced me to see how far San Diego has grown in the food, wine and entertainment realm. After all San Diego has quite a large number of organic and small farms. I’m looking forward to meeting people recognized for their food talents, who enjoy working with their product like never before. I will be attending food events that cater to people and their food. I’m going to see what?s really out there. I also want to hear from anyone with something to say about food, hospitality and drink. Positive or negative, lets hear it I can take it. Looking, forward to the interaction, best Regards Chef Dave, (Dave de jour).